It’s the details that make the difference between an acceptable job and an outstanding job. Sonoma Construction excels at handling all the details and simplifying the construction process, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will be done right. We take responsibility and ownership for everything we do, whether the job is large or small. An experienced supervisor will always be watching over your project. Both our President, Jon Runquist, and our Vice President Mark Augustine, are directly involved in every project from the planning stages to its completion.


When we hire subcontractors, we only work with partners that are committed to the perfectionism and professionalism that we demand. Hiring a general contractor doesn’t need to be an intimidating experience. We’re easy to work with, personable, responsive and respectful of your needs. We’ve never missed a scheduled deadline and often deliver early. We listen, and we invite you to be as involved as you want with your project. We understand that your business can’t stop for construction, and we specialize in working in occupied spaces. We always take extra steps to work quickly and make a positive impact by keeping our worksites clean, neat and safe for everyone.

We here at Sonoma Construction understand what it takes to get your job finished. With 22+ years in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise of our changing work environment and are able to meet the demands of today's employee. 



Through our years of experience, we’ve developed an integrated management system to keep your project organized and on track. We’ll provide you with a customized binder covering all the critical information about your project, including scheduling and budgeting. Everything we do will be thoroughly documented to the last detail. Most importantly, we will communicate with you as often as you’d like updates on your project, because we always want you to be the first to know what’s going on. We’re happy to provide services that make tracking your project convenient for you, such as in-progress photo updates for busy and remote clients. As the project draws to a close, we implement our zero punch program to ensure that the subcontractors have finished their required work before the architect creates a punch list of what’s left to be done. But ultimately, it’s not tools that give us an edge—it’s how we use them to make the project easier for you.

In addition to working with tenants, Sonoma Construction partners with architects, building managers, project managers and real estate developers. We assemble teams of the most qualified union subcontractors that are as big or small as needed, and are tailored to provide the particular skills required for the project. We care about fine craftsmanship, so we demand a high level of professionalism from our subcontractors and won’t settle for less.

Our Leadership Team

Mark Augustine

Vice President, Director of Field Operations


With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, Mark has developed a reputation as a bit of a perfectionist. In his private life, Mark enjoys working with his hands and has always seen himself as a craftsman with an eye for quality yet the common sense to maintain a budget. The simple combinations of these attributes (quality/budget) create “value”; and “value” is a term that sets Mark and Sonoma head and shoulders above our competition.

Mark’s role as a field superintendent, is not an easy one and, quite frankly, is often the most critical role on the roster. This role requires a person to wear two hats simultaneously: one hat, being able to command the respect and quality of the field workers; and the other hat, to garner the confidence and respect from the board of directors at the weekly meeting. Mark has mastered those traits at an accelerated pace which has led him to his current position as V.P. / Director of Field Personnel and has allowed him to rise above his industry equals.

Jon Runquist II


Jon Runquist’s commitment to quality construction runs in his blood. He’s the fourth generation in his family to pursue a career in the construction industry. Jon received his degree in Construction Management from Michigan State University and has a range of experience managing industrial, commercial, retail and multi-unit residential projects. At Sonoma Construction, Jon is personally involved in each and every project, starting with the initial executive management overview of all project costs, construction methods, and financial controls. He and his staff work together to hand select a team of subcontractors that will best meet a project’s individual needs. Once a project has begun, Jon will follow it every step of the way, delivering regular cost reports and updates until all deadlines are met to the client’s satisfaction.

Julie Mitchell

Principal, Director of Business Development


With almost two decades of corporate sales experience, Julie has the dubious task of representing Sonoma Construction to the industry. Julie’s unique sales background in commercial furniture and commercial real estate bring a perspective and contact list that is well suited to the Construction Industry. Many times salespeople are tasked with representing a service or product that they don’t always wholly assimilate with. That being said, Julie joined our firm after her experience of working on a project with Sonoma Construction on the other side of the table as a commercial furniture rep. She was so impressed with our service that she wanted to become a part of our company.

Julie’s experience is evident in her awareness of our client’s needs and goals. She works with the Sonoma Team to make sure those needs are exceeded by conducting exit interviews and routinely attending project meetings to make sure everything is on target. Her communication and follow through with our clients during or after the project is the cornerstone of building and maintaining a solid foundation of dedicated clientele.

Our Company


Sonoma Construction is based out of Chicago, IL. We excel at handling all the details and simplifying the construction process, so you don't have to worry about whether or not it will be done right.

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