A memorandum from our President Jon Runquist

We are certainly living in a unique and unprecedented time that has affected virtually all businesses and industries, not to mention the personal human impact of it all.  That being said, we will 
overcome this current dilemma like we, as people, have done many times before. The solidarity of our nation after 9/11 was absolutely amazing, as well as our gritty resolve to overcome the ’09 Subprime Mortgage crisis. That’s what we, as Americans do best; we tackle adversity head on coming out stronger on the other side by helping one another and contributing to solutions.   
With that being said, we are still faced with the stark realities of day to day life and the responsibilities we all carry to honor and respect the concerns and fears of our employees, coworkers, clients and vendors.  It is a new reality that the office space of yesterday will need to be adapted to satisfy the needs of tomorrow. 


My impetus for writing this memo is two-fold: Primarily, to let our past, present and future clients know that we are ready willing and able to help them address these issues and prepare their buildings and offices for the evolving “Zero Contact”, “Six Foot”, “Post Covid” and “Insert your Description” future landscapes insuring the health and safety of their business population.  Secondly, to pass along a list of suggestions and ideas helping them relieve the stress of their returning workforce. These ideas are a culmination of concepts created by industry professionals, requests from current clients and suggestions from our “In-House” brain trust.  


A recently conducted survey of a global RE Company in Chicago has revealed that 83% of their employees have a moderate to significant fear of returning to their place of work.  This same survey indicates that their job proficiency drops to 65% by working at home. We need to help get people back to work while making them feel safe. 


Please find our top 7 concepts of adapting the existing office environment.  We need to be proactive in assisting our clients in modifying their spaces in an attempt to increase their productivity.  These are relatively cost effective and timely solutions.  In an ideal situation these modifications can be completed in short order without significant financial impact, however, time is of the essence and we should act swiftly while materials and manpower are readily available.  As you all know, we have applied for and received some SBA PPP funding to help with our short term payroll, allowing us to pass along those savings to our clients.  

In closing, I want you all to take the appropriate actions in keeping yourselves safe while allowing Sonoma to do our part in spreading goodwill and helping with solutions. 


Warmest Regards,


Jon Runquist, President

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