To succeed in the new workspace world, companies must continue to adapt and embrace fresh ways of thinking and working. We must make safety and cleanliness the cornerstone of the new office culture and find ways of incorporating policies and procedures that reflect that. In response, we have collaborated with many clients and industry experts in creating a quick and cost effective office transformation process we call “SAFE OFFICE INTEGRATION”.  We believe this allows us to meet the industry’s needs of establishing a safe and cost effective working environment.


With a team full of well-rounded tradespeople, with many years of experience, we have the ability to answer your call immediately to complete your most critical tasks. 


We have the technology to complete many tasks for you while you work remotely. Whether that be Zoom Meetings, virtual walk-throughs or predictive analytics, we can support you and your teams at a safe distance, while still delivering great value.


Our team of experts can help plan, execute and deliver a comprehensive space plan for you and your space.  It is of utmost importance to develop a plan for how the office space will function and operate to give employees peace of mind when returning to work. 

Workspace Viral Decontamination

Immediate Workplace Response

  • The same technology used in hospitals

  • Real world and Laboratory verified studies to kill Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, and Mold on 100% of surfaces treated 

  • Reaches where wiping misses

  • Safe-eco friendly / Sustainable (uses less chemical then wiping)

  • Always reaches dwell time (time to setup)

Stage 1

Immediate Workplace Modifications

  • Way-finding Procedures

  • Office Signage

  • Sneeze-guards / Plexi-glass Dividers

  • PPE / Sanitary Stations

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Whole Office Disinfection / Decontamination (See Above)

  • Bio-shield Protective Film

Stage 2

Secondary Workplace Modifications

  • Temporary Walls

  • Convert conference rooms into separate work areas

  • Add satellite / small pantries throughout office

  • Door Acutators

  • Touchless Door Systems

  • Access Controls

  • Flooring Material Upgrades

  • AV / Video Conferencing Modifications

Stage 3

Tertiary Workplace Modifications 

  • HVAC Modifications

  • UV Lighting / Light swaps / In-air systems

  • New non-porous / anti-microbial surfaces

  • Plumbing Modifications

  • Fitwell Certifications

We are here to help!

We understand that it is critical to make you and your employees feel safe when returning to the office. Let us help you in making this transition as easy and seamless as possible.

Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly. We are in this together!

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